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Faq aka Frequently Asked Questions

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This is compiled from our most frequently asked questions by potential clients, current clients, curious people on the streets, and people's minds we can read. 

Question:   What will the weather be like when I get there?

​Answer:  No rain, no snow, no ice. There is always sun, but sometimes it naps behind a cloud. Windiest month are Jan, Feb, March. Kite/wind/surf main season Oct to end of May. Hottest months May to November. Happiest months, all year around.

Question:    I'm coming to your island for surfing, kite surfing and/or windsurfing; will there will be  waves and wind? For all wind conversations, thoughts, questions please go to this link on our water sports centre page.: Surf Zone Answers

​Question:    What is your Wifi like? Is it strong?

Answer:       Our Wifi is typically silent like all other Wifi's, and will not answer our questions of how big or small its muscles are. We can tell you that our Wifi works sufficiently. Keep in mind, we are on a somewhat remote, tiny African island so the speed and quality of the internet will not be the same as of a tech headquarters of a major Western World international city. But it does its job of keeping you connected, if you want to remain connected.

Question:     Do I need a visa to come to Cape Verde? What's this airport entry tax I've been hearing about?

Answer: Please make sure to register on prior to your arrival. This website will answer your Cape Verde entry requirements. It is highly recommended to pay for the airport entry tax online prior to your arrival, and print out the document for your arrival. The queue to register and pay for the airport entry tax upon arrival  can be 30 minutes - 2 hours long. Who wants to start their holiday in a very long queue?

Question:     Any essentials that I should pack?

Answer: A high SPF sunscreen is highly recommended as we are close to the equator the sunburnt lobster look happens very quickly here. Apply liberally before stepping out into the sun,  and reapply throughout the day. A hoodie or sweater is recommended December -April as the evenings can feel chilly with the winds. A light cardigan or long sleeved shirt may be needed for the summer evenings if you are cold blooded. Please remember to bring any necessary medication as there is only one small pharmacy in town. Any other must have essentials that you cannot live without bring, as the island does not have any  commercial megasize stores or shopping centers. Yahoo.

Question:    Should I bring Euros? Should I exchange money while I am there or take money from the  local ATM? Is it better to use local Escudos?

Answer: All businesses accept Euros and the local currency, Escudos. The official exchange rate is110 Escudos = 1 Euro but most businesses use the exchange rate of 100 Escudos = 1 Euro  when paying in Euros. So if you are frugal minded, you do lose 10 Escudos for every Euro you use to pay. Check your bank for foreign ATM and exchange fees. Dependent on your bank fees, sometimes it is cheaper to use the local ATM to take money out versus exchanging money.

Question:    Why is it like this...? What is this...? How come you don't have...? Who? What? When? Where?

Answer:        T.I.A. = This is Africa.

Why should we choose your apartment and not the 300 other out there?

Great question. We are new, we live here, we really care. We are within walking distance of everything and we are right beside the beach. Heaven. If something makes you unhappy, please tell us and give up the opportunity to fix it, because Sometimes the human in us makes mistakes.

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