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When on holiday,  you find you can’t read or fry on the beach all day, or that you drive your partner nuts when they are reading a book, come join us in the water! Try a little freedom, and kite &/or Surf with us! Sal is a world famous destination for kitesurfers, windsurfers, and surfers. Surf Zone is the most established kite and surf school on the island and has been in business for 17 years. Surfzone offers only private and semi-private lessons. We teach from beginner level to those wanting to advance their skills. We also offer rentals for all levels. Please be aware that any type of surfing can be addictive and make you insanely happy.  For more information on please email us at or go to our site We also offer kitesurf/yoga & accommodation packages.

Andy T

Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile

Awesome kite school

Took a trip to Sal specially to learn to kite in Feb/March. Couldn’t recommend Surf Zone highly enough and it’s a fantastic school. It’s a really friendly school with a great setup right on the beach. I did 5 days of kite surfing from total beginner to being confident riding around on my own, with lessons over four of the days. All the instructors who spent time with me were really patient and professional, and explained all the concepts really well so they made sense when practicing on the water. They watched really closely, provided instruction and helped out when things didn’t go to plan! Thank you so much for getting me where I wanted to be!



When having trouble putting on your shorts without falling over or having to curl up like a fetus, try our yoga studio or yoga on our ocean deck. Our yoga will stretch you, strengthen you, improve your breathing, and leave you feeling fabulous. We are not all about standing like a tree or lying like a corpse. Our yoga will surprise you. We are a treat for your body and your mind. Beware indulging in yoga will leave you feeling calm, happy and give you the energy of a rocket. We can also organize private lessons on the rooftop of the building, which overlooks the ocean. Our yoga teachers are here for you whether you have never tried yoga and you have body of a tin man,  or you can do jumping jacks in a headstand while being in a meditative state. For more information check out our web site or email us at We also offer unique yoga retreat packages at any time between Oct & May. 


Reviewed 4 weeks ago

End February 2019

A true and sincere advice from an experienced Yogi - go and make your trip to Santa Maria absolutely unforgettable! This is one of the most fantastic yoga places on Mother Earth. In the mornings at 07:29 on the beach and in the evenings at 18:01 in the studio. Three different instructors and all three highly qualified and at the same time extremely loveable and humble. I got great inspiration and I can’t wait to come back to share further experiences.


When you're knackered out from absorbing as much Vitamin D as humanly possible; your body is too sore from trying to become a world champion kitesurfer, windsurfer, and surfer in just a matter of days; and your state of enlightenment has you levitating above all our advanced trained yoginis; have no fear, we can still find activities for your weary or adventure seeking mind, body, and soul. Absolutely exhausted? Let us book a blissful massage for you. 

Wanting to take a different approach to our crystal clear turquoise waters? Let us guide you on a snorkeling or scuba excursion, or sit back on a sail boat? Savor the local foods with a BBQ on the beach set up by our local host. Take a day tour perusing the entire island of tour. And there is more. We're here for you whether you'd like a laidback holiday, a quench to your adrenaline needs, or a mix of both. 

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