YOGA RETREAT: Pure yoga any time you need it!

Experience all yoga has to offer.

People often ask us for retreats at various times, as it is hard to find one that matches your free time. So we have created a yoga retreat that you can come on at any time between October and May, based on availability on our side 


 It is not a retreat in a normal sense. You are not with a set group of people with set rules and times. Instead we integrate you into our studio, so the people you meet will change over the week you are here. The private yoga sessions that are part of the retreat are scheduled with you when you arrive. Outside of that you are free, free, free to be good to yourself and do whatever you want. 

As part of the package we send you an info sheet of all the other things available on this paradise white sandy beach, stunning ocean island. You can do nothing, something, or everything. All the contact details are there for you to get in touch and organize whatever makes you laugh out loud. Kiting, surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing, etc. 

Here is what in included in your Pure Yoga experience, and really it is PURE yoga. 

  1. Accommodation in one our Surf Zone beach side apartments, located a hop, skip and jump to one of the most spectacular oceans I have ever had the honour of knowing. 

  2. 6 days of breakfast at the local café (exc Sunday as they too need a day off)

  3. 9 classes, which you can choose from when you arrive. There is a class every evening in the studio at 18.01am and every morning on our beach deck at 7.29am. Classes are small, avg 8 people. This is so we can really teach you yoga and make physical adjustments.

  4. PRIVATE Sessions:

    1. 75min yoga massage, either in the studio or the roof top of the Surf Zone building overlooking the ocean 

    2. 75min sound journey with Tibetan sound bowls and a tuning fork set to OM .

    3. 75min Yin and meridian channel opener, with a tuning fork

    4. 1hour meditation and breathing techniques.


  1. Extreme happiness, calmness, and regression in age. Yoga really is MAGIC.


All the apartments come with fully equipped kitchens. If the idea of cooking gives you a possible brain tumour, then note we are in the heart of Santa Maria, and therefore walking distance to numerous restaurants and cafes.

Our Beach

Our yoga is so magical, even the  dogs wait for yoga on the beach

Download this PDF for more info:

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